Kudura Kaneko, Afghan boxer in Japan. Photo essay by Ali Noorani

PHOTOS: The Afghan Force; Kudura Kaneko in Japan

Kudura Kaneko, 21, is an Afghan boxer living and working in Japan. His real first name is Ghodrat (قدرت), but as with most foreign names it has been twisted and ...

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Awa odori dance festival in Koenji, Tokyo.

Koenji Awaodori dance festival 2019 video

Koenji Dance Festival is one of the largest annual dance events in Tokyo. Styled after the famous Tokushima Awa Odori dance, the two-day event in the capital attracts over a ...

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Japanese woman wearing modern kimono and accessories in Tokyo. 2018. Ali Noorani

My Camera and Me; A Love triangle or Why Apple Needs to Step up Its Game

Today I want to talk about a relationship, my relationship with my DSLR camera, which lasted for 7 years.We split in 2019 after seven years of being together. Years of ...

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Bicycle sharing services are becoming more widespread in Japan. Ali uses the service every day.

“Bicycle Sharing” Using Cutting-edge Technology

"Bicycle sharing" services are drawing attention in Japan as an eco-friendly practice. An operator working with 11 wards of Tokyo uses bicycles equipped with GPS and communication devices. Amid a ...

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Naghshe Jahan square, Isfahan. Photo by Ali Noorani

New wave of Iranian globetrotters hits the road

A travel frenzy is gripping young Iranians, who are inspiring each other through social media to overcome traditional constraints and expand their horizons.

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An Iranian woman raises her fist in a cloud of tear gas during a protest at the University of Tehran on December 30, 2017 (AFP Photo/STR)

Iran cuts social media access as unrest turns deadly

Tehran (AFP) - Iran cut access to social media on Sunday in a bid to head off further protests after days of unrest that saw two people killed and ...

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Reza Parastesh (left) has become a sensation in Iran for his resemblance to Barcelona and Argentina striker Lionel Messi. AFP

Police intervene as fans go mad for Iranian student who has an incredible resemblance to Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi lookalike almost ends up in Iranian prison after proving too popular with selfie-hunting fans.

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